We offer a variety of services to help track and manage your finances.

Available Services Include :

Bill Payment – We will manage payment of your bills.  This can be done online, or we can manually write the checks each month.

Statement Reconciliation – We will reconcile all of your bank and credit card statements.

Mail Collection – We offer a mail collection service.  We will go through your mail and sort it , separating and organizing the important items.

Notary Services – Notarize legal and medical documents.

File Organization – We will sort and organize your files.

Budgets – We will create a budget for you.  This will be reviewed and analyzed on a monthly basis to verify that you are on track.

Expenses – As with budgeting, we will also follow your monthly expenses and save those expenses into  a spreadsheet or financial software.

Taxes  – We can organize your receipts and expenses to prepare the tax documents needed by an accountant , and will also work with your accountant if needed.

Banking – We will make bank deposits for you,  as well as provide bank statement reconciliation on a monthly basis.

Generate Reports – Provide monthly and annual reports, monthly bank reconciliations and monthly credit card reconciliations.

Other Services – We can assist you with a variety of other projects and also offer organization of other documents for various situations. Just tell us what you need!

Member of:

American Association of Daily Money Mangers

Atlanta Chapter of Daily Money Managers